Comic: Confession Time

Confession Time

talk about oversharing lmao


A boy and a girl sit on the couch. The girl is under a blanket, snuggling against the boy.

Girl: Confession time!

The boy is confused

Girl: I tell you a secret, then you tell me one!

Girl: I am actually a giant snake in an elaborate disguise! Aided by my snake brethren, we wish to have many snake-people babies with you, who may integrate with the humans and serve as ambassadors of our kind.

Boy: I pretend to love you because I'm scared of being alone.

The girl moves away from the boy with a sad look on her face

Girl (with a sad smile): So I... I guess we both are snakes... Hahaha!

Boy (akwardly): hahaha...

The girl turns into a snake and eats the boy's head.

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