welcome... to needleful dot net

have you ever been on the internet? it has thing's you have never even seen before. wonderful things,, whild things

however, this is the whildest and wonderfulest of those things. please, make yourself comfie and experience.... needleful dot net

I have the comics you crave

me about to murder you if you do not look at the funny comic

check this out: Confession Time. not impressed? perhaps you have opposite tastes, in which case I recommend 14 Days of Valentine, which is the worst comic and therefore your favorite.

i survived needleful's blog and all i got was this lousy shirt

do you like strangers on the internet talking as if they're experts? then you will love my blog, needleful's blog.

i will pour my wisdom from my brain into yours like the sweetest honey

a bottle of honey in a saucepan of warm water.  next to it is a drawing figurine, posed to look like it is waiting for the honey

pictured: you, eagerly awaiting my wisdom

I even use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation for the blogs.

there are even more websites where you can see me

so what will it be?

i have given you a conucopia of choice here. there is nothing you will be left wanting upon this web sight, this web slightly draped to block your flight.